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Select from HR Shop's wide range of downloadable, customisable HR Products and Business "tools" (MS Office documents, presentations, spreadsheets and templates).  The mission of HR Shop is “Empowering HR online” with knowledge, services and easy to use products which can be customised to suit your specific environment and needs. The HR Shop aims to support any person, in any role, in any size organisation in any sector. 

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Presentation Skills (Course and Workbook)

Product ImageWAKEY WAKEY - CAUTION CAUTION - Avoid death by Powerpoint!: Must have - Comprehensive 2 day programme. Experiential, fun and practical – despite the nerves.... Provides a step by step guide on how to develop and deliver powerful presentations that really make an impact! The facilitator will be required to video presentations. Key purpose of the Learning Programme....READ MORE

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Coaching & Mentoring (Course and workbook)

Product ImageA MUST BUY: Comprehensive 2 day programme that includes 13 invaluable coaching and mentoring tools! Experiential, REAL, fun and practical. Well conceptualised and ready to tap into the coach and mentors deeper levels of self-awareness. Methodology and framework for Coaching and mentoring included. Loads of Case studies, tools, exercises, poems, games, questionnaires include. Provides a step by step guide. Over 100 pages of ready to go training in the Work file. Provides practical support to coaches and mentors. INCREDIBLE VALUE FOR MONEY! READ MORE........

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Call Centre Basics (Course and Workbook)

Product ImageCall Centre training manual for the facilitator as well as a separate one for the learner with great, relevant materials. Content includes a one-day workshop aimed at developing Customer Service Consultants to increase their confidence and skills. This is a one-day workshop aimed at developing Customer Service Consultants to enable them to focus on and improve their knowledge and techniques. Materials can can be used as a refresher or as a baseline in order to increase confidence and skills when dealing with customers by telephone. READ MORE...

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HR Shop Consulting Services Directory

Product ImageAdvertising Space In Our HR Shop Consultant Directory. Purchasing this product allows you to list your company's services in the Consultant Services Directory on the HR Shop portal for one year. You will be sent a template as well as instructions on how to list your services, on purchasing the product accordingly.

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Disciplinary Policy, procedures and forms

Product ImageThis includes the policy and procedural guidelines for disciplinary action, including warnings, dismissal hearings, unprotected industrial action and incapacity. The document also includes the following templates: all warnings, hearing notifications and the hearing process form

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Retrenchment Process - Non-unionised

Product ImageProcess document for an organisation to follow in the case of retrenchment in a non-unionised work environment. This document provides a guideline to the organisation on how to go about retrenchment consultations and the retrenchment process accordingly.

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Disciplinary Code Of Offences

Product ImageDetailed schedule of disciplinary offences in the following categories: time and attendance, sobriety, performance, attitudinal, behavioural categories, including progressive sanctions for each offence

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Employment Separation Agreement

Product ImageSave thousands without a lawyer drawing up an agreement...This is a separation agreement, to be used with a more senior employee when choosing to separate ways based on a no fault separation, or mutual agreement. Note that the circumstances surrounding the use of this agreement may still need expertise advice and input

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